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Be Vain

And Be Fuckin' Proud.

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Here, we are vain. So fuck off if you don't like it. There is no application, we don't give a damn about your personality.

This rating community, is FRIENDS ONLY!

Rules for New Members;

Post at least 3 clear pictures of your face. If you don't, you are automatically rejected.

Only post and judge if you have been accepted.

No nude pictures. I (babette_x) will send them to porn links. You have been warned.

If you get a "no" vote, please don't bitch and moan to the mod's about it. This is exclusive and if we don't think you're hot, you're out.

If you're not accepted, the delete yourself from the community. We OBVIOUSLY don't want you here.

Rules for Stamped Members;

Post pictures! And let us know you'r alive and not ugly somewhere in a hole. Make sure you put "stamped" in the subject line.

PROMOTE. And, stay active.

When voting put "yes","no","undecided" in the subject line.